Self Care Week 2019


Help people to think self care for life during this year’s Self Care Week, between 18 – 24 November.

Last year during National Self Care Week, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) reached more than half the population in England, helping people to understand how to better look after their own health. This year, organiser, the Self Care Forum, is hoping to build on this success by inviting all CCGs to get involved and reach an even wider audience.

For #SelfCareWeek, you might like to collaborate with local organisations such as local authorities, GP surgeries, pharmacies, local businesses and schools, or any other local organisation to help strengthen self care messages and pool resources. Or, you can simply plan your own targeted campaign to help people “think self care for life,” and a good starting place is the Self Care Forum’s eight point plan which provides a framework on how to structure your Self Care Week initiative. 

For patients and the general public, the week will focus on raising awareness of pharmacists’ role as the healthcare professional on your high street. For common ailments such as headaches, sore throats, minor pains, sprains and strains, your local pharmacy or supermarket will be able to provide expert advice, covering preventions, treatments and medicines. In most cases it’ll be quicker and easier than seeing your GP too, with no appointment needed and often longer opening hours.


Further resources are freely available on the website or you may like to subscribe to the mailing list for self care updates. A case study by Fylde Coast CCGs, winners of the Self Care Week Outstanding CCG award, is also available with hints on the successes and barriers to running a self care week initiative. Contact the Self Care Forum by email for more information.

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